Gardening Club

This project was started in 2018. Gardening is widely recognised as a medium that can transform lives, improving physical and mental health, reviving communication and thinking skills, and the ability to mix socially and make friends. With the availability of the church grounds, it is a desirable option for our existing Forget Me Not members, and particularly relevant as we extend that membership to include the lonely, the bereaved and so on.



Thanks to the wonderful efforts of local volunteers “Goodgym”, who visited us on 2nd October 2018, we have cleared the church cellar to store the large variety of tools required for our Gardening as Therapy initiative. Read their report here.

On a rainy day in December, our wonderful friends from “Goodgym” visited us for the second time. On this occasion they cut back bushes, cleared leaves, gave the grounds a general tidy (and took lots of photos!), to help our ForgetMeNot Cafe and to get the Gardening as Therapy initiative up and running. Read their report here.

Age Cymru Good Gym

When we complete the development project, we will have external storage readily available for tools and equipment for gardening. In the mean time, with the help of a grant of £1000 from Age Cymru, and the “muscle” of local volunteers “Good Gym”, we have cleared the church cellar which used to house the heating system, but is now redundant, to enable us to store the large variety of tools required (some with long handles, others with special grips etc). While it is not as good as ground-level storage, this will enable us to bring the work forward by at least a year. If this is as successful as we hope it will be, we will run a separate “gardening club” for anyone in the community who can benefit from this activity.

Using the new tools and equipment, our gardeners get to work.

Our latest acquisition, a battery powered mower (no more trailing cables!) has made an enormous difference. For the summer it will be stored in the vestry (at ground level - much more convenient for all our gardeners!).

Two more visits from Goodgym Runners have also set us up for what we hope will be a very good Spring/Summer session of gardening.