SUNDAY Services this week: 11AM Eucharist; 6.30pm Choral Evensong.

11am Holy Eucharist. All normal Covid precautions. Please inform the Vicar if you wish to attend this Service:
The Reverend Canon Stewart List 07794157604
Order of Service. Propers.
This is not a “Zoom Service”, but those who are staying home may like to observe the service by joining a meeting at our usual Zoom address which will include a live feed from St Edward’s:
6.30pm Choral Evensong. Order of Service.

St Edward's Church is in the Parish of Roath, in the eastern part of Cardiff, South Wales, in the Diocese of Llandaff, in the Church in Wales, in the Anglican Communion, and we welcome everyone to join us for worship, for fellowship and in addressing the needs of our local community.

St Edward’s is embedded in the community, with many community activities that offer fellowship and encouragement to those who are lonely or becoming housebound. Our amazing Forget Me Not Café welcomes those with memory problems or recovering from stroke and their carers - at present they are meeting mainly online, with monthly face-to-face gatherings in church; Gardening Club brings together people for health and wellbeing. There is also a Community Choir and many musical events that help to bring people together.

The whole community also has a shared commitment to "Way of Life" objectives such as Fairtrade, Eco Church, Safeguarding, and Charitable work.

Details of everything that is happening at St Edward's and in the wider community may be found in the Newsletter, and in the Parish Magazine "Roath News". Musical events are on the Concerts page and the regular series of concerts is on the Coffee Concerts page. Current bookings at St Edward's are recorded in Calendar. St Edward's also supports and contributes to Roath Park Cytun (Churches Together).

3rd Anniversary
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Our Sunday morning Family Service is currently a Said Eucharist (Holy Communion) at 11am with an anthem and hymns sung by the choir, but no congregational singing. Full Choral Evensong is sung every Sunday at 3.15pm, with no congregational singing. Normal (non-covid) services.


The Cafe now meets online (Zoom) every Tuesday: 2pm-4pm. A friendly and welcoming environment, suitable for people with memory problems and their carers, also people recovering from a stroke or people who feel isolated and vulnerable. More


St Edward's Music and Arts Centre provides opportunities for amateurs and professionals to rehearse and perform in an auditorium of outstanding acoustic quality. 13 member groups rehearse and perform here regularly, though some have currently suspended meetings. More


In recent years there has been increased community involvement at St Edward's, and the number of people visiting and using the building has increased rapidly. St Edward's is currently working on a project to redevelop the porch, WC and schoolroom area of the church site to better accommodate the growing needs of the congregation and the wider community that makes regular use of the buildings.

The Covid Pandemic initially brought the work to a halt, but it soon became apparent that some of the less ambitious aspects of the plans had become much more important. In particular, a one-way system was needed for both church and community room, and the latter required a proper all-access path to allow routine use of the rear exit. This was achieved during the summer of 2020. We are very grateful to Cardiff County Council for generously providing the funding for this part of the project and to Orange Llama for their excellent work and advice. Photos
Further details of the project and changes due to Covid.


Volute Architects    National Churches Trust    Masonic Province of South Wales    Cardiff County Council    Biostatistical Solutions Age Cymru    Good Gym Orange Llama


Mon 24 Jan 2022. 11.00am. St Edward's Church. WIAV Teaching Session.
Mon 24 Jan 2022. 7.00pm. St Edward's Church. Jazz Workshop (Julian Martin).
Mon 24 Jan 2022. 7.30pm. Zoom. Knitting & Crochet.
Tue 25 Jan 2022. 10.00am. St Edward's Church. WIAV Teaching Session.
Tue 25 Jan 2022. 2.00pm. Zoom. Forget Me Not Cafe.
Day Club for people with memory problems and their carers. Meets weekly.
Tue 25 Jan 2022. 2.00pm. St Edward's Church. Clarinets Planning Meeting.
Wed 26 Jan 2022. 10.15am. St Edward's Church. Holy Eucharist.
Wed 26 Jan 2022. 2.00pm. St Edward's Community Room. WI Penylan Craft Group.
Thu 27 Jan 2022. 1.30pm. St Edward's Church. Penylan Singers Community Choir.
Thu 27 Jan 2022. 8.00pm. St Edward's Church. Church Choir Practice.
Fri 28 Jan 2022. 10.30am. St Edward's Community Room. Creative Writing: Claire Syder.
Sat 29 Jan 2022. 9.00am. Zoom. Zoom Morning Prayer.
Morning Prayer with Rev Ruth Coombs – all welcome.
Sat 29 Jan 2022. 9.30am. St Edward's Church. Pavane Early Music Consort.
Sat 29 Jan 2022. 1.00pm. St Edward's Church. Recording Session: Puresonics.
Sun 30 Jan 2022. 11.00am. St Edward's Church. Holy Eucharist.
Sun 30 Jan 2022. 6.30pm. St Edward's Church. Choral Evensong.
Mon 31 Jan 2022. 11.00am. St Edward's Church. WIAV Teaching Session.
Mon 31 Jan 2022. 7.00pm. St Edward's Church. Jazz Workshop (Julian Martin).
Mon 31 Jan 2022. 7.30pm. Zoom. Knitting & Crochet.

News & Photographs

18 Jan 2022 GoodGym Runners.
25 Dec 2021 Sunday School Nativity.
14 Dec 2021 ForgetMeNot Party and GoodGym Runners.
18 Sept 2021 Coffee Concerts Return.
31 August 2021 ForgetMeNot Return to Church.
August 2021 ForgetMeNot "Our Tomatoes".
4 June 2021 Foundation Stone Centenary.
1 June 2021 ForgetMeNot "Joyful June".
8 May 2021 Bird and Bat Boxes.
5 May 2021 Grow Wild Blog.
4 May 2021 ForgetMeNot 4th Birthday.
27 March 2021 "Skip out of Lockdown".
March 2021 ForgetMeNot St David's Day .
February 2021 ForgetMeNot & Friends Amaryllis.
January 2021 ForgetMeNot & Friends Signs of Spring.

Letters & Sermons

News Archive


Newsletters 1976 to present.
Concerts 1974 to present.
St Edward's Fun Day 2007.
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 2006.

Rev Ruth Coombs

Congratulations to Rev Ruth Coombs, who was ordained priest by Bishop June at Llandaff on the Feast of the Transfiguration, 6th August 2020.

Anglican Consultative Council

Heather, representing the Church in Wales, and the Archbishop of Canterbury in Hong Kong. More


Thank you to Bishop June for helping us celebrate 50 years since the building of the nave, and the consecration of the completed church.

GARDENING as Therapy

Using the new tools and equipment. All the work has been made possible with the support of a grant of £1000 from Age Cymru.

Grow Wild Blog: Really great blog about our Gardening as Therapy project and Forget Me Nots on the Grow Wild website! From an interview with Kathie. Take a look.


Bishop Andy John, Bishop of Bangor, has been elected the 14th Archbishop of Wales.


The Archdeacon of Wrexham, John Lomas, has been chosen as the 10th Bishop of Swansea and Brecon. Announcement


A New History of the Church in Wales - Governance and Ministry, Theology and Society. Edited by Norman Doe, Organist at St Edward's and Director of the Centre for Law and Religion at The Law School, Cardiff University. This book marks the centenary of the Church in Wales, following its disestablishment in 1920. Details and Discount Code (pdf)

Also: Church Laws and Ecumenism: A New Path for Christian Unity (edited by Norman Doe). Written by experts from within their communities, this book compares the legal regimes of Christian churches as systems of religious law. Details


Kathie Mayer addressing the Award Evening on 5th March 2020, and receiving a donation of £1000 from the South Wales Freemasons for ForgetMeNot Cafe and Support Group.


The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. Dr Heather Payne, Consultant Paediatrician, Elected member of Church in Wales Governing Body, exploring Richard Mead "Discourse concerning Pestilential Contagion" 1720 in her lecture for St David’s Cathedral Library Week.


We have regular visits from our friends the “GoodGym” Runners in support of the ForgetMeNot Cafe and Support Group. Photos

Pope Francis

Norman presenting his work on the Principles of Christian Law to Pope Francis in Rome


Coffee concerts on third Saturday mornings (except August) have now restarted. Spring Concerts, Piano Recitals & Jazz Month may be back soon. More


A Music and Arts Festival lasting about 10 days in October marks the Feast Day of our Patron St Edward each year. More

GoodGym Runners

Tending the leaves and bushes in freezing temperatures! Photos, 18 Jan 2022

Sunday School

Christmas Day Nativity Presentation Video, 25 Dec 2021

GoodGym Runners

Reinstating the furniture - amazing job! Photos, 14 Dec 2021

Forget Me Not Party

Christmas Party Photos, 14 Dec 2021

Sophie Lisk

Bronze Medal winning Welsh team, 5 Dec 2021

Borders Ensemble

Movements and Miniatures, 23 Nov 2021

Cascade of Poppies

Created by members of St Edwards and St Margarets, 21 Nov 2021

Coffee Concert

Daniel Nicholson, 20 Nov 2021

Charlotte Whittle

Opera and Lieder, 19 Nov 2021

GoodGym Runners

Cleaning up after Forget Me Nots, 16 Nov 2021

Forget Me Not Cafe

Delighted to be back in church, 16 Nov 2021

Ensemble Cambrica

An Evening of Mahler, 9 Nov 2021

Sunday School Project

Thank you to essential workers, 1 Nov 2021