St Edward's Music & Arts Festival 2010

Art Exhibition of Paintings from India by Lokesh Soni.

Wed 13th. 7.30pm. Holy Eucharist with Haydn's Harmonie Mass performed by St Edward’s Choir and Orchestra.

Fri 15th. 7.30pm. Jayne Thomas (piano), Iolo Jones (violin/viola), Ruth Bradshaw (clarinet), Nicola Harris (Sop) & Anne Brayley (Mezzo Sop): Schubert’s Shepherd on the Rock (with Sop & clarinet) and Mozart’s “Parto Parto” (mezzo & clarinet), songs by Parry & Poulenc, Violin pieces by Beethoven & Berkeley.

Sat 16th. 11am. Marja Flipse (clarinet) and Gary Mullins (piano).

Wed 20th. 7.45pm. Cardiff County & Vale of Glamorgan Symphonic Brass.

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