Farewell from Rev Rhys Jenkins

Revd Dr Rhys Jenkins at Roath Church House Farewell

Revd Dr Rhys Jenkins

Farewell, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen – but not Goodbye

You will all know how much I have enjoyed serving in this Parish of Roath. It is a tremendous honour to have been with you all and, for all that I am excited to have moved to my home parish of Canton, I shall miss Roath terribly.

When you are called by God to serve him, as we all are, we sometimes don’t know where that will lead us. That is what discipleship is all about – a journey – an exciting journey – a journey you travel with Christ. It may lead to the undercroft of Roath Church House, it may lead to the Croft Pub for skittles night, it may lead you to Italian restaurants with a church choir. It may even lead you to an organ loft and leave you covered in dust.

But wherever it leads you, you must follow. You must follow because the Holy Spirit is guiding you and that is the spirit of love.

When I came to Roath in 2013 I was wet behind the ears – spiritually speaking of course. I have learned and been guided by Fr Stewart so kindly and I am so very grateful to him for his help and especially his understanding of my other commitments in my professional life.

As a result, I have grown and gained experience and skills which I am now being asked to use elsewhere. But as I move on this doesn’t mean that you are all staying still. Both in St Margaret’s and St Edward’s, thriving worship continues and both churches continue to be a centre of the community. People continue to depend on both churches in ways that they may not really understand – but certainly value.

And it is the Church, both specifically the two churches in Roath, and more widely speaking, that nurtures our growth, that feeds us spiritually, that baptises us into the body of the living Christ. We are all members of the Church and we work within it. We are its body and we are its future.

The Church has asked me to move on. The Church helps you move on too as we all move through our journey of life together as people of the risen Lord – as people of Christ – as people of love.

Thank you all for your kindness and support.

Bless you all. I shall see you all again at some stage in the future and look forward to doing so.

Fr Rhys