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The Prichard Reredos

It's coming back home!

The Prichard Reredos in St Anne's

Rev Stewart

The Prichard Reredos in St Margaret's (pre-1920)

This is how the reredos looked when it was sited in St Margaret's.

...Will you help please?

This is the stone reredos, designed by John Prichard, which originally graced the wall behind the high altar in St Margaret's when the building opened in 1870. But in the 1920s it was decided to erect our present grander altar, designed by Sir Ninian Comper, as a tribute to the three great Victorian Vicars of Roath.

The original Prichard reredos was moved at that time to our daughter church of St Anne, which sadly is now closed for worship. This reredos is a much acclaimed work, and fearing that it might be lost, a decision was taken by the PCC to bring it back to St Margaret's after suitable restoration by an expert in conservation, costing in all about £10,000.

Will you help us to fund the cost of its rebuilding in the nave please? It is hoped this work can be completed by Easter. Thank you very much in anticipation of your generous support!

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